How to save water and still have a healthy garden this Spring/Summer

With the potential for a mass drought looming most parts of the UK, saving water in any way possible is crucial. We have put together a simple guide for gardeners to help you save water without sacrificing your beautiful garden.

save water

Are you watering your plants at the right times?

A vital part of having a flourishing and productive garden is watering the plants and crops. But most of us really stop to think about when we water our garden, we just do it whenever we have the time or feel the need. But in actual fact watering your garden early morning or in the late evening will reduce the amount of water lost to evaporation as these times are the coolest times of the day. You can also maximise the efficiency of water uptake from the soil by using Maxicrop.

It is a common misconception that plants need watering often. In actual fact, if you water your garden too often it will can cause the roots to remain shallow causing the plant to become weak. You should leave the plants alone until they show signs of wilting before watering them.

save water gardening

Using a water-butt to catch rainfall can save water and £££s

When you do come to watering them, try to use a free and sustainable water source such as rainwater that can be collected in water-butts rather than using a mains supply. If you do want to use the hose pipe, assuming there isn’t a ban, you can purchase nozzles to be added to them to control the flow and amount of water over all that you use.

Make sure your regularly weed your garden to ensure the unwanted weeds aren’t taking up the water that is meant for the plants. Mulches such as wood chips, bark and gravel help to prevent water evaporation and also suppress weed growth, saving you both water and the need for weeding often.

save water garden

Did you know? A sprinkler uses as much water in one hour as a family of four use in two days…

Plants, flowers and shrubs such as thyme, evening primrose, rock rose, Californian poppy, pinks, lavender, buddleia and hebes all survive well in dry conditions and will hardly need any water at all. Lawns are able to survive for long periods of time in dry and hot conditions providing the grass is not cut too short. So there is no need to be using excess water by installing sprinkler systems, as the even if the grass starts to turn brown, after a few days of rain fall it can easily recuperate itself.

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