Gardening Tools: What You Need

Don’t go overboard when purchasing tools for your gardening endeavours. There are many different types of tools and gadgets available on the market, all promising ease in use and efficiency when it comes to gardening. Buying these specialised tools can be efficient but can prove expensive too. But, you really just need a few tools in your garden shed.

The various tools have been discussed below.

Hand Trowel

These miniature shovels are perfect for planting small vegetables, herbs, annuals and digging out weeds. If you have the budget, get a trowel that is made from stainless steel, as it is more efficient than a normal one. Trowels are durable and usually have a rubber grip for comfort when using them.

Digging Fork

This tool is essential for lifting and dividing perennials, turning compost and loosening soil. But be careful while you are purchasing this, as you want a digging fork that typically has foot rests and 4 square tines for a comfortable dig. A good quality digging fork will have stainless steel or forged head, along with a hardwood or fiberglass handle.


A sturdy rake is a must to clean out your beds and rake fallen leaves on your garden lawn. If on a budget, you can consider getting a plastic rake. It’s less expensive and fairly sturdy. Also, if you want no harm to your plants while you rake, bamboo and steel rakes are a good option.

Hand Cultivator

This hand tool is useful and effective when it comes to removing small weeds or roughing the soil up for seeding. Look for one that is made from molded or forged steel, or one that has a steel head that is properly attached to a handle.


If you have shrubs and trees in your garden, getting these loppers is necessary. Perfect for removing branches, this tool is ideal for pruning and shaping jobs. Look for one that has sharp blades and a strong connection between them, and either a wood or fiberglass handle attached properly to the blades.

Bypass Pruners

Necessary for all types of jobs in your garden, be it gentle shaping or deadheading and removing spent foliage, this tool can do it all. A good pair of these is usually expensive. However, getting a mid-range brand is also alright as they are of good quality. Look for one that you easily use for sharpening and cleaning.


Spades are square-headed shovels that have fairly small handles. This tool is perfect for digging plantation holes, removing sod, edging beds, and moving small amounts of soil. Look for a spade that is strong, with a steel head and wooden or fiberglass handle. This is one tool that you should invest in. Every little penny spent would be worth it, as these will last a long time.

These are the various tools needed to fulfill your gardening needs. However, be careful while purchasing and ensure that they are of good quality. This way, you will be able to have a nice garden that looks great!


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