Plant your own Union Jack for the Jubilee and Olympics 2012!

Having a garden party for the Jubilee? Or maybe you want to show your support for Team GB in the London 2012 Olympics?  Well now you can plant your very own Union Jack to make your garden a patriotic paradise!

Grow your own union jack

Your very own living flag!

Suttons have come up with the brilliant idea of mapping out and planting a Union Jack on your lawn or flower bed. As the image below demonstrates, the pack you can purchase from Suttons comes with biodegradable film guides, made from natural cereal products and completely compostable, to make sure you get each section the correct colour and size. The film is placed on the soil where you want to plant your flag, and the coloured flowers are planted through the film. Then the film will degrade on its on and leave you with a living flag to show your support in your own unique way.


Union Jack planting guide

The small Union Jack Plant Bedding Pack and free planting guide comes with 135 petunia miniplants, 45 of each red, white and blue, or the large Union Jack Plant Bedding Pack and 2 x free flag planting guides  comes with 270 Miniplants, red white and blue. You can find the packs from Suttons.