Sustainable Seaweed Harvesting

We had a letter from a customer concerned about the methods of seaweed harvesting. Read their letter below.

“Seaweed is currently very popular with gardeners – I wonder if you are aware of the devastation that mechanical seaweed harvesting is wreaking on the Norwegian coast and has done on the coast of France and many other countries.”

Maxicrop do not use dredges that drag the roots of the seaweed from the seabed and everything else along with it.

Our sister company Algea (Harvester and producer of the Maxicrop seaweed extract) does use mechanical cutters to harvest.  However the vessel works close to the shore and cuts the seaweed as the stalks float above the seabed. This method of seaweed harvesting is environmentally friendly and sustainable as only the tops of the stalks are cut which allows the seaweed to regenerate and re-grow in a short space of time.

Watch the Algea YouTube video – our unique harvesting method: